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I realize that I don't use this much since I check my myspace… - Spikey Hair Boy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Aug. 8th, 2009|05:45 pm]
Spikey Hair Boy
I realize that I don't use this much since I check my myspace everyday for work related stuff anyhow.


Life is good, busy, stressful, and always a learning experience.

Currently I am working nonstop at the new bar we just opened here in springfield. It's going well so far. I also am super busy with shows, promoting, and getting ready for my prelim season to hopefully get back to nationals and win that crown. My starbucks habit has gotten happily out of control, but, it's better than a drug habit I suppose.

I'm happily single. This is a the biggest grown up decision I have ever made. I simply have too much going on in my life to actively pursue a relationship. It would be selfish of me to assume someone would be willing to be by themselves a lot because of my schedule. I am getting to know someone right now, but not actively trying to change that. I have my own goals right now, I'm happy to live my dreams right now and let the rest of my life happen as it does. Call it selfish, I call it responsible.

Tonight there is a show that nicely I am not in.

I hope everyone is well out there in LJ land.

My birthday is less than a month away.

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